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Thinkcar Video Scope Usb

Thinkcar Video Scope Usb



Introducing our versatile and user-friendly USB Video Inspection Scope Camera—an invaluable tool for seamless vehicle inspections and a versatile solution for scenarios with limited visibility. With its 60-inch flexible wired design, crafted from durable and pliable material, this inspection camera is adept at navigating tight spaces, making it an indispensable companion for a range of tasks.


  • 720p High Definition
  • 6 Bright LED Lights
  • Water & Oil Resistant
  • 60” Hardwired Cable
  • Anti-Corrosion Casing
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Designed for convenience, the USB Video Inspection Scope Camera effortlessly connects to any computer device or vehicle scan tool via USB, ensuring a hassle-free setup for users. Equipped with LED lights, this scope camera enhances visibility in low-light conditions, providing clarity even in the darkest corners.

This snake camera delivers high-definition resolution, enabling meticulous inspection of hard-to-reach areas. Capture still images and videos effortlessly, documenting any issues encountered in challenging spots. The Thinkcar Video Scope Camera emerges as an essential tool for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike, offering a crystal-clear view of engine or suspension parts that would typically require hours of dismantling.

Whether you're pinpointing an elusive oil leak, clearing a blocked drain, or examining wall cavities, the applications for this compact camera are virtually boundless. Elevate your diagnostic and inspection capabilities with the Thinkcar Video Scope Camera, ensuring precision and efficiency in every task, big or small.